Working with Stephanie has been a life changing experience for me. I came to her with complaints of depression, low energy and weight gain. I thought I knew what healthy eating was about but she opened my eyes to a whole new understanding of every thing I put in my body and how it affects me. Because of her recommendations and guidance I have lost 7 pounds, have an abundance of energy and am no longer depressed. Stephanie’s patience, kindness and extreme knowledge of nutrition all played a role in my understanding of the health issues I’ve been struggling with and finding a solution for them. I truly can’t thank her enough.
— Bee Z. (May '17)
Stephanie is so much more than a nutritionist! After consulting several doctors about an ongoing health issue, I was referred to Stephanie. I was training for the NYC Marathon and the additional stress of marathon training was exacerbating the problem, so it was important to eat right yet have enough energy to continue training. Stephanie worked with me to not only help with my diet but also gave me stress reduction techniques that helped me loosen up and relax. I noticed an immediate improvement in my health, general better overall eating habits, and a bonus 15 lb. weight loss! I felt fueled and ready for my race! I had a relatively good diet before I started working with Stephanie, but the modifications that she suggested really worked and I’ve passed them along to my family members. I look forward to following her blogs, recipes, and workshops! Thanks Steph!
— Laurie P. (Mar '17)
I worked with Steph for 6 months and it completely changed my life! She is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. Steph helped me adjust my lifestyle to combat complicated health issues including IBS, endometriosis, and migraines. Before we started, I felt sick more often than not. I now feel healthy, energized, and happy. My IBS symptoms are completely resolved and I get far fewer migraines. I would highly recommend working with Steph!
— Emily W. (Feb '17)
Wow do I feel good! When I met Stephanie, I was feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, frustrated and completely out of control. Our initial meeting squashed those feelings instantly. I left her office hopeful and energized, and all it took was finding someone who would listen to me. Stephanie listened to me, learned who I was, and gave me the tools that I used to get control over my health. She didn’t try to jam me into a fixed box. She worked with me until we found solutions that worked for me and my lifestyle. In only 3 months, together we tackled more than 30 goals I had to better my health. I had no idea how much all those little tweaks (ok some were bigger tackles, like the coffee!) would pile up and amount to not just better health, but a better me. I have received so many compliments from people telling me that “I just look good” and I wanted to let you know. Stephanie, you kickass.
— Carleen C. (Feb '17)
I have struggled with skin issues and a lack of energy since my first pregnancy, and began working with Stephanie during the first trimester of my second pregnancy. With her diligent coaching, I was able to clear up my skin problems and increase my energy levels well into my third trimester. I feel better than I have felt in years, even being pregnant! I highly recommend Stephanie if you are hoping to commit to a healthier lifestyle, yet need the extra push of someone who will hold you accountable and coach you in a manageable fashion.
— Ali W. (Jan '17)
Stephanie has helped me in so many ways and not just with my nutritional goals but also emotionally with stress management and blood sugar balance. I used to consider myself a healthy person about six months ago, but I knew I had to stop ignoring certain GI symptoms and negative habits and eating patterns. My stomach was a wreck and even though I have a BS in Nutrition, I was never taught how I should eat personally for my body type and lifestyle. Stephanie helped me create concrete goals and realize phenomenal progress immediately. She also tailored her advice to the changes and suggestions that would fit my lifestyle and routine best. I have so many tools now that I can use when I feel myself slipping into a negative pattern. My stomach feels great, I lost weight, reduced cravings, eliminated food sensitivities and balanced my blood sugar levels with Stephanie’s help, among many other achievements. Another goal was to prepare my body for optimal fertility and conception and I feel confident now that I have taken the steps to ensure I’m healthy and ready to grow my family. Anyone would be lucky to work with Stephanie to make positive, lifelong changes!
— Haley H. (Dec '16)
I made the decision to seek out a nutritionist when I hit my breaking point — realizing that no matter how hard I exercised or how healthy I thought I was eating, I could never push myself past a certain plateau. I felt stuck at 165lbs with flabby arms and unattractive back & stomach fat. In my initial meeting with Stephanie, we set goals to tone up, drop a few pounds and create new patterns for healthier eating. During the 6 months we worked together, she eased me into many lifestyle habits that I actually love doing, like drinking warm water with lemon every morning, taking handful of important vitamins, going for a brisk walk after my meals, not snacking and learning the kinds of foods and exercise that support my hormones. I lost 12 pounds (and still losing weight!) in the 6 months that I worked with her. I started buying smaller clothes and now I love being photographed! For anyone considering a nutritionist, definitely go see Stephanie. Immerse yourself in all the tips and tricks she offers you and I promise you won’t regret it.
— Hannah S. (Oct '16)
I have a strong family history of type II diabetes mellitus so it’s important that my diet minimizes frequent upward spikes in my blood sugar. Stephanie taught me how to manage my blood sugar through proper meal composition and meal timing. I am now able to last longer between meals without feeling the extreme hunger I used to when my diet was heavy in carbohydrates. I was always worried about adding too much fat into my diet for fear I would gain weight, but that didn’t happen at all and have much more energy now! I really enjoyed working with Stephanie during my 3-month program. Stephanie is a very intelligent, interested, compassionate and extremely trustworthy person. She is bright (literally and figuratively), beautiful and cheerful. She designed my nutrition plan based on my goals, medical history (past and present) and family history. She was very organized, took notes during each session and would send me emails after our meetings outlining her recommendations and recipes to try before the next session. I would recommend Stephanie to any friend or family member whether or not they thought they needed nutrition advice. She has such a vast amount of knowledge about nutrition and wellness and is a great example of healthful living.
— Pam G. (Oct '16)
In my day to day search for an eating routine that worked for me, I wasn’t getting anywhere until I met with Stephanie Morish. I don’t work a normal 9-5 job and I exercise around the hours when it’s convenient. My initial goals were to better my sleep patterns and manage my eating in a healthier way without the stress of strict calorie counting or fad dieting. I wanted to eat healthy and figure out ways to tweak my food choices without feeling like I was eating poorly. Stephanie not only enthusiastically encouraged me in attaining my goals but gave me specific research of the whys and hows to do what I wanted. Stephanie stimulated mental growth around how certain eating patterns are futile while others are more beneficial for the body according to how the body works. Our meetings weren’t just an “eat this” or “eat that” ordeal. They were the type of meetings that left me feeling supported and empowered. The biggest differences with my life now are that I have copious amounts of natural energy and that I have more solidarity to my sleep; my eating pattern is not only healthier, it has also expanded with new meal ideas. I’ve learned so much about how the body works and why to eat certain things at certain times. Stephanie is so amiable and realistic, it’s refreshing. I recommend her to anyone needing anything from basic ideas of what food does to the body to anyone athletically training. Her knowledge is timeless and outrageously ample.
— Ellen L. (June '16)
Over the past 6 months, Stephanie has been a coach, source of inspiration, friend and magical problem solver in my life. As a busy professional and mother of two, I knew that I needed a resource to help me lose the last bit of weight from my 2nd child and help me achieve a healthy mental and physical state to sustain my busy life. Even before I met Stephanie, I was a generally a healthy person when it comes to diet and exercise, but she really made a difference in my health at a time where I could have made every excuse not to. Every time I came to her with an obstacle on my path to wellness, she was incredibly understanding and empathetic, BUT presented a very well thought-out solution with tons of information on why this would work or why I should make this change. She knows an INSANE amount about the human body, nutrition and fitness and all of her recommendations not only worked, but weren’t difficult to implement in my life. Through my regular sessions with her and her strong yet reasonable accountability measures, I achieved my goal of being able to comfortably approach bikini season. And more importantly, I feel very solidly grounded in my nutritional and fitness solutions on a day-to-day basis. She also helped me navigate solutions to a really bad case of seasonal allergies in a way that gets me away from lots of scary prescription medications. She’s a true miracle worker and will continue to be a part of my life. I truly can’t thank her enough and wish that more people took the time to commit to meet with her. She has changed my life!
— Ashleigh F. (May '16)
I first heard about Stephanie and her nutrition practice through my personal trainer. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a year ago, and was having problems figuring out what to eat, and how to heal my gut and intestines. I called Stephanie that same day, leaving a voicemail and she returned my call within the hour. She understood my health issues and gave me hope, so I signed up for a 3-month program. Over the course of our 6 sessions, she gave me insight in to how my body works, and how food can be used to heal my gut, boost my immunity, and help me reach my fitness goals. In less than 4 months, my body has started to heal, my gut is much better, I know what I can and cannot eat in regards to the ‘type’ of gut I have, and I have the knowledge to continue healing myself and managing my Celiac Disease.
I cannot recommend Stephanie enough for anyone who is struggling with eating, digestion, mood disorders, or weight issues. She is always compassionate, kind, thoughtful, and thorough. She follows-up within 24 hours after the sessions. It’s a lot to remember but she always puts everything in writing with easy-to-follow instructions. My only regret is that I didn’t find out about her sooner!
— Kari B. (April '16)
I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Stephanie! After not getting my period for over a year and a half, numerous visits to a stumped gynocologist and countless blood tests, I was thoroughly frustrated with my body and by the lack of answers. Stephanie and I worked together for three months to get my body back on cycle, to transition off of acne medicine, and to create a more sustainable diet that addressed cravings and mood swings. Working with Stephanie was refreshing in that she was genuinely committed to helping me figure out what was off in my body, and dedicated to ensuring that I achieved my goals. I am beyond excited that each and every goal I set out for myself was achieved!! Overall, Stephanie is supportive, knowledgeable, and just plain fun to work with. Thank you!!!
— Lauren C. (Jan '16)
Stephanie is a tremendous listener, and was able to provide me all of the information that she felt appropriate to my situation. Her approach is very thorough, yet not overwhelming, and fits what I was looking for. I highly recommend Stephanie.
— Chris L. (Aug '15)
Stephanie helped guide me through my nutrition needs and challenges while preparing for my first attempt at the Copper Triangle ride. I really appreciated her creative solutions to my nutrient timing as I was struggling with digestive issues during my longer rides. I loved her attentiveness, encouragement, and enthusiasm as she sought solutions to my individual needs!
— Lori G. (July '15)
My wife and I both work full time and then some, so getting family dinners ready is not easy. We appreciate how important they are though so we have wanted to find a way to make them happen. Adding to the challenges, healthy eating is important to us and to model for the kids, so most fast food is out, and between the family’s two vegetarians and one person with a fructose intolerance, we are the last group anyone would want to invite over for dinner. Enter Stephanie Morish. Steph welcomed these challenges with a smile and has created and dropped off dozens of home cooked meals that would win Top Chef any day. I’m not kidding. Despite a limited number of ingredients she can use, she surprises and delights each week with seasonal, fresh meals that leave us feeling full and energized. We feel lucky to have met her, recommend her unconditionally for anyone in a similar spot, and often say that when she becomes famous we can say we knew her way back when.
— Dan C., personal chef client
Stephanie cooked for me and my family while we were in Denver during the season. Healthy eating is important to me which is why I hired Stephanie - healthy cooking is her specialty. She had the freedom to develop the menu each day, and I was always happy with the results. I appreciated her creativity in making tasty gluten- and dairy-free meals. I would recommend Stephanie to any busy, health-conscious person or family.
— Justin M., Colorado Rockies, personal chef client
If you’re a recreational athlete looking for practical, easy solutions in the kitchen look no further than Stephanie Morish. We spent 3 hours together and in that time covered enough ground for me to feel a lot more confident in the kitchen. I thought I was eating well before... turns out, I can do do much better. (And it’s easy, too!)
Stephanie is easy going, knowledgeable and will immediately put you at ease - I can’t say enough about hiring her for cooking lessons. (Or a dozen!)
— Brook K., cooking lessons client