Healthy Cooking Services




As a natural foods chef, I have been trained to prepare healthy meals, using nutrient-dense whole foods, geared towards my clients' specific health conditions, dietary restrictions and food allergies. I love handing the power of plant-based cooking over to my clients and showing them how healthy food can be easy to prepare and totally delicious. 

If you are interested in learning more about any of the below services, please drop me a line on the Contact page!


Private cooking instruction


Knowing how to cook for your health is a skill everyone should have. After all, you are what you eat! There are many reasons why you may want to become a healthier home cook. Maybe you are a new mom and and want to make sure your new family is getting proper nutrition. Perhaps you've just been diagnosed with celiac disease and all of a sudden you have to eliminate all gluten from your diet. Or maybe you are trying to lose weight and know that you can't control what's in your food when eating out. The list goes on. But what we know for sure is that learning how to prepare healthy meals that are loaded with powerful nutrients that help nourish your body on all levels is what you need! I truly believe food is medicine and knowing how to prepare nutrient-dense, plant-based meals for yourself will transform your health on the deepest level. 

Let's spend a few hours together in the kitchen and I'll give you the tools you need to whip up clean and lean meals to delight your tastebuds and have you glowing and radiant from the inside out.

We can do the cooking on its own, or you have the option to add private cooking instruction to your health coaching program. 

Kitchen Reorganization


It's pretty difficult to cook efficiently and effectively when your kitchen is a cluttered war-zone. I want to set you up for success. With your guidance and approval, I will come to your house and rearrange your kitchenware within your cabinets and drawers to create a clutter-free, organized, and accessible work space for you to begin your healthy cooking journey. 

RefridgeRaid and Pantry Makeover


During the refridge-raid and pantry makeover, I will go through every item in both your fridge and pantry and clear your kitchen of the crap, from the Lean Cuisine and Skinny Cows in the freezer to the 2-year-old Brunswick stew cans on your pantry's back shelves. Anything with a label including ingredients we can't pronounce will be chucked! Eliminating the junk from your fridge and pantry will free up space for all the health-promoting foods you will be incorporating into your new clean life! I guarantee that after this exercise, you will feel lighter already! 

Personalized Grocery Store Tour

Do you leave the grocery store more confused than when you entered, unsure of what's healthy and what's not? Or are you stuck in a rut buying the exact same items week after week leaving you bored and uninspired by your meals? Or perhaps you want to learn to be savvy in the periphery of the store getting the most economical and sustainable fish/meats and produce? 

I gotcha covered on all that, plus more!

In our grocery store tour you will learn about the fundamentals of clean food selections, how to prioritize the facts on a nutrition label, new fruits and vegetables and how to store/prepare, natural sweeteners and best alternatives, best butcher cuts and significance of hormone/antibiotic-free proteins, varieties of beans and grains (including gluten-free options) and how to use them in meals, as well as my best tips and tricks for avoiding temptation and impulse purchases!

Meal Plans 


Figuring out what to eat can be tricky. My meal plans are designed to give you a fuss-free framework to follow, so that you know exactly which foods to eat to fuel your wellness goals. No more uncertainty, no more food-stress, no more having canned tuna for lunch seven days straight because you can’t think of anything else.

Instead of wasting time worrying and wondering, all the hard work is done for you. All you have to do is follow the plan, relax, and know that every single food choice you’re making is getting you closer to where you want to be.

Each plan is based on healing whole foods – you won’t find any processed junk or ‘diet’ products here! This is plant-based food at it's finest (and most delicious!) And because I know you don’t have endless hours to spend in the kitchen, each plan is made up of simple, quick-to-prepare meals to make your life – and health – easier. 

I formulate each meal plan to fit your individual preferences and personal health goals. We can make it gluten free, sugar free, hormone balancing, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, weight loss, or a mixture of them all! It's all about YOU. 

Cooking classes and demos


I love sharing the art of holistic plant-based cooking with groups looking to learn some tips and tricks for how to be a healthier home cook.  My classes and demos are tailored to people who want to make uncomplicated, tasty, healthy meals that will nourish themselves and their family without slaving over a stove all night long.

My classes and demos are very interactive so it's a great time to get your nutrition and cooking questions answered while you munch on lots of yummy samples. 

I always provide take-home copies of the recipes we do in the class so you can recreate them at home for your family and friends. 

Want to gather up a group of friends or collegues, drink some wine, get your hands dirty in the kitchen, and eat some amazingly delicious and healthy food? My cooking classes are just as fun as they are educational!

Photos by Kelley Melvin